‘Private companies have taken over public interest’ — tech ethicist 

Attention is the business model of social media, said Tristan Harris, co-founder and president of the Center for Humane Technology, a non-profit that aims to drive a shift toward humane technology that supports well-being, democracy, and a shared information environment.  

Singapore researchers control Venus flytraps using smartphones

SINGAPORE — Researchers in Singapore have found a way of controlling a Venus flytrap using electric signals from a smartphone, an innovation they hope will have a range of uses from robotics to employing the plants as environmental sensors. 

Despite lawsuits, Google says its products and services are built with privacy mind

Tech giant Google, which faces privacy lawsuits in multiple countries, reiterated that it puts people in control of their data through security technologies such as differential privacy and double-blind encryption. 

Clubhouse launches Android app as downloads plummet

Live audio app Clubhouse will begin introducing a test version of its app to Google’s Android users in the United States on Sunday, the company said, in a potentially big expansion of its market. 

Filipinos among most likely to abandon social media — survey

FILIPINOS are among global internet users who are most likely to delete their Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts, according to digital marketing company Reboot Online.

Twitter buys ad-free news reader Scroll

TWITTER, INC. acquired Scroll, an ad-free news reader product, and said it expects to pull the service into a new subscription offering being planned.

Pandemic opens more hometown ventures for developer Ingenuity

A MORE than 10-year-old Davao City-based software firm that has worked with big technology names such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Oracle, has recently been devoting extra time in hometown ventures to help small businesses and the local government pull through the pandemic.

Monitoring work-from-home workers via webcams not feasible, Lenovo says

MONITORING work-from-home employees through their web cameras is not a good idea as it is difficult to impose, according to Lenovo Philippines, noting that there are alternative tools that companies can use to track productivity.

Sex bots, virtual friends, VR lovers: tech is changing the way we interact, and...

Twenty-first century technologies such as robots, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are creeping into every corner of our social and emotional lives — hacking how we form friendships, build intimacy, fall in love, and get off.

In Apple versus Epic Games, courtroom battle is only half the fight

SAN FRANCISCO — Epic Games faces an uphill legal battle against Apple Inc. in an antitrust trial starting Monday, and a defeat for the...