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In praise of Venice, subtly

MAX MARA’S Resort 2025 collection, Venetia, is a praise to Venice, without being too on-the-nose about it.

When one thinks of Venice, the conversation inevitably goes to Carnevale, so masks and a celebration of excess comes to mind. If not that, we think of gondoliers’ uniforms, so one thinks of stripes and straw boaters. Max Mara subverted these by staging their show at the historic Palazzo Ducale (painted by Monet under its French name, Le Palais Ducal).

At the June 11 show, models paraded in the palace in beiges, tans, whites —- and other neutral tones like bronze and black — echoing the stones of the edifice.

Max Mara, its flagship product being rich camel coats, did not hold back. The collection, inspired by the travels of Venetian native Marco Polo, takes cues from various stops along the Silk Road: think the Ottoman Empire, expressed in rich coats closed off with tassels, rich brocades in a little suit with white collar and cuffs, lots of flow, verve, and more than a few touches of gold.

Of note are headdresses resembling the turban worn in the famous portrait of Ottoman monarch Mehmed II, designed by milliner Stephen Jones. In statement, Mr. Jones said about the headdresses, “They are both looking backwards and looking forward and I wanted them to look effortless and light-hearted.”

He said that the hats are for the “Max Mara woman,” but also, “an elegant relaxed woman who enjoys fashion and a good sense of humor.”

Max Mara’s boutique is located at Greenbelt 3, Makati in the Philippines. — JLG