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Wearing Howl’s Moving Castle

FOR its third and final collaboration with Studio Ghibli, Spanish fashion house Loewe brings to life the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle.

A movie about a girl cursed to look old, a dashing wizard, a witch, and a spark of a star, the movie meditates on the true meaning of love and beauty. What better way to express that message but through fashion? Other collaborations by Loewe with the Japanese animation giant are depictions of characters from My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

The collection has over 152 products, layered in the fantasy world floated over by Howl’s castle. The most expensive item, at a little over P650,000, is a cardigan inspired by the wizard’s own garb. It’s a button-front V-neck cardigan in wool with hand sewn feathers and a Howl jacquard on the back. A cape made of a wool and alpaca blend is similarly priced.

These can be paired with the shearling clutches and shirts depicting the fire demon Calcifer (P208,000 and P87,800, respectively). The brand’s famed Puzzle bag is also emblazoned with Calcifer’s form (for P194,000). One can also wear a shirt printed with the villain of the piece, The Witch of the Waste, for P30,700. — JLG