TAKEN at Bingley Music Live, September 04 2010. John Lydon (Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols fame) — SHELL SMITH/EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/

LONDON —  Former Sex Pistols front-man John Lydon lost his legal battle on Monday to prevent other members from using their music in a planned television series about the rise of the punk rock band which shocked Britain and the world in the 1970s. A judge in England’s High Court ruled that Mr. Lydon, who performed in the band as Johnny Rotten, could be outvoted by other former band members under the terms of an agreement they reached in 1998. Guitarist Steve Jones and drummer Paul Cook brought the case to force Mr. Lydon, 65, to allow songs recorded by the band to be used in the series. It is based on Mr. Jones’s memoirs and is being directed by Danny Boyle whose films include Slumdog Millionaire. The judge rejected claims by Mr. Lydon’s lawyer that the majority vote had reduced the singer to “some sort of servile state,” and said it was in fact “relatively straightforward.” The series called Pistol, which is being made by Disney, is scheduled to air next year. — Reuters