Tricks to keep trucks in shape

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Businesses of all size rely on trucks to transport their goods. For instance, trucks ship raw materials from forests, quarries and farms to manufacturers that need materials in making products. Finished products are then delivered to wholesalers, retailers and the marketplace, still by trucks.

Technically, trucks are the most efficient and reliable way to move goods across towns, cities and regions. Thus, taking care of them is relatively saving your business from further troubles.

Obviously, no truck is guaranteed against breakdowns but following some simple maintenance procedures will keep it running well. One of these is changing the oil regularly. The performance of truck’s engine depends on many aspects, and the most significant one is the engine oil. Using the best quality engine oil up to knowing the best time to replace the oil will keep the truck’s efficient performance.

Changing the oil is a process of removing the old oil from a vehicle’s engine and replacing it with new, fresh oil. It is important to regularly change it as it is accountable for the lubrication and cooling of all the internal parts of the engine. The more regularly the engine oil is changed, the more effectively the engine will be able to function.

Checking the tires properly inflated and keeping its weight equally distributed around the axle are another things to do to maintain the overall performance of a truck. Making sure that the tires are properly inflated and balanced will reduce the chances of getting a flat tire. An unbalanced set of tires can lead to vibrations and may cause an uneven control on tires while on the road.

Since trucks are used to carry heavy loads, bringing it to a full stop requires more effort. For trucks, brake inspections should be done as often as twice per year to ensure that the brakes are able to endure the more extreme weather shifts. In time unusual sounds or vibration are heard and observed, it is best to send the truck to mechanic.

The next essential thing to do is to check the truck’s essential fluid levels. As with all vehicles, trucks run with a variety of fluids. Next to engine oil, the next important thing to check is the oil itself. If it smells like gasoline, then it should be changed immediately. Check the engine coolant as well and refill it if necessary. Truck engines make a lot of heat, and engine coolant keeps it from overheating. Finally, check out the windshield washer fluid, it’s a good idea to keep an extra jug of the blue stuff somewhere onboard, especially on long trips.

Clean the truck often too. Buildups of dust or any spills inside the truck can ultimately cause long-term damage to its condition, so cleaning the inside of truck is an important part to maintain its value. Furthermore, examine the outside and check for any spots where rust is beginning to form. Apply an oil-based treatment to prevent it.

Lastly, read up. Essential things in keeping the truck in good shape, from cleaning, to optimal fluids and maintenance checklists, are found in the owner’s manual.  Mark Louis F. Ferrolino