Start them young: Module on road, traffic rules planned for Davao City schools

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SCHOOLCHILDREN, accompanied by adults, cross a street in Davao City in this June 2015 photo. — LEAN S. DAVAL, JR.

COUNCILOR MARIA Belen S. Acosta last week said she has started coordinating with the Department of Education for the development of a module on traffic and road rules that will be taught in Davao City’s primary schools. “The idea is if they (schoolchildren) are well-educated in their younger years as drivers and educators in our future, it’s natural for them to follow the traffic regulations, safety ordinances, and overall discipline in the streets,” she said in a forum. Ms. Acosta has also submitted a related draft ordinance to the city council. Traffic congestion has become a major concern in the city with economic and population growth outpacing infrastructure and transport development. — Carmelito Q. Francisco