Sony Philippines rolls out new smart TV models

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Sony Bravia OLED A8F
Sony Bravia OLED A8F is priced at P155,599 (for the 55-inch model) and P221,299 (65-inch model).

SONY Philippines, Inc. has unveiled its Bravia OLED A8F TV series and the new range of Bravia LED 4K HDR TV series.

The OLED A8F TV, available in both 55” and 65”, both have cable-free fronts. Sony also boasts that the model has cinema-like sound experience, with Actuators behind the TV screen and an integrated subwoofer. The series uses Sony’s “Acoustic Surface” technology, with sound coming from the screen, and Dolby Vision.

The 55” A8F will retail at around P155,599, while the 65” A8F will retail at around P221,299. Both will be available in the Philippines this quarter.

Sony Philippines senior marketing officer Coycoy P. Cordova said that the OLED models of Sony still cater to a niche market.

“For OLED in general, the market is pretty niche, because it’s pretty much on the high-end side,” Ms. Cordova told reporters on the sidelines of the products launch of May 8.

“It caters to the viewers whose preference are more elevated home viewing experience.”

Sony first launched its first OLED TV series worldwide last year, the A1 OLED series, and Ms. Cordova said they had “very good feedback” which also translated into sales.

Sony, however, still counts on their 4K HDR series as its strong line. Ms. Cordova said their 4K HDR products posted double-digit growth in sales in 2017 and that Sony is “strongest” in the said series.

“The 4K market is growing fast, particularly with the popularity for online streaming,” Ms. Cordova said, adding that they expect double-digit growth sales again for the 4K HDR series in 2018.

The models in the new 4K HDR series are the X9000F (available in 85” and 75”), X8500F (in 43”, 49”, 55”, 65”, 75”), X300F (70”) and X7500F (43” and 65”), and the X7007F (43”, 49”, 55”, and 65”). The series will be available by the third quarter.

Sony’s competitors for OLED TVs include LG, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Bang and Olufsen, and Loewe. — Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo