Five ways to speed up your success

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Hyundai Tucson black

In the digital age, everyone is used to speed. With the Internet, almost everything, from food to entertainment, is available at the click of a mouse. Through social media, everyone can be in touch with almost anyone in the world. Efficiency is king!

As a result, time has become more precious than gold. There is a growing need for everything to be faster.

Time wasted is opportunity wasted. Anyone who refuses to join this fast ride or stick with the familiar may as well be a fossil.

NOT WITH HYUNDAI. Engineered for speed, the Tucson can help you accelerate to keep up with the fast-paced world in five exciting ways.

1. An engine designed for delivering power can push you ahead of the pack.

With its 2.0 CRDi diesel engine, the Tucson is the perfect vehicle for unstoppable go-getters who want to rise above and push themselves towards where they want to be.

The engine’s lightweight design and highly efficient turbocharger allows it to make driving more dynamic and responsive at any rpm range. The 6-speed Automatic Transaxle + Shiftronix Compact, coupled with the lightweight design of Hyundai’s new generation of smooth-shifting gearbox, offers improved fuel economy and durability.

2. Aerodynamic design minimizes drag to keep fuel consumption in check.

Along with its high-speed stability and a highly-optimized body structure, the all-new Tucson brings innovative engineering to its sleek, next-generation design that delivers a premium experience like no other. Its enhanced vortex, leading level of drag coefficient and advanced features offer extra comfort and confidence on the road at all times.

3. A bold, athletic form exudes confidence while driving.

True to Hyundai’s iconic form, the Tucson’s hexagonal grille, framed by projector headlamps, not only manifests a bolder, urban stance but also reveals its true athletic nature ready to be driven. The square-shaped wheel arches and two-tone lines implement the rugged and solid vehicle image, while the waistline molding produces a sporty and delicate image.

4. The Tucson’s stability brings comfort in addition to its speed. 

Aesthetically poised yet incredibly powerful, the Tucson compact SUV boasts advanced stability and agility for a truly dynamic journey towards opportunity. Designed with achievement in mind, the added space features guarantee that rising executives driving will have very little to concern themselves about when making their trips. Space is a non-issue as the maximized cargo space with foldable rear seat function gives the flexibility for a variety of needs.

5. Advanced safety measures ensure smooth, worry-free drives.

With its class-leading rigidity, new active safety features, advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and hot-stamping process, the Hyundai Tucson ensures top security for smooth, worry-free rides. In addition to the dual airbag system, an active headrest system is designed to consider the size and weight of the driver and passengers to move headrests in a way that minimizes the threat of injury. An Electronic parking brake (EPB) is installed to provide higher convenience to activating parking brake with a state-of-the-art switch design.

Hyundai’s all-new Tucson is a true leader in performance and fuel efficiency, delivering an exhilarating and fun-to-drive experience fit for the fast, modern lifestyle of the 21st century. With the Tucson, success is always just a short drive away.


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