As firms struggle to find their footing in the digital era, the burden of future-proofing falls on the new entrants to the workforce. Knowledge that was deemed sufficient to get a good job a decade ago will not be enough in the immediate future.
As a result, there is an increasing demand for a particular set of “new” skills. With rising anxiety over jobs lost to new technologies, these skills aren’t only a means to get ahead, but the best ways to keep up.


While coding is not a requirement in all jobs, knowing the basics can give you a fresh take on digital fundamentals. Coding allows you to have a better understanding of how computers and programs work and how to break down complex ideas. Being technically savvy can boost your résumé and your chances of getting a lucrative job.

Data analyzing

Data is the new oil, and firms will need savvy professionals capable of mining and utilizing it. The rise of cloud computing and deep learning means firms will have more access to data than ever before. And companies will be looking employees that know how to use that data to improve their systems and workflows.

Problem solving

The World Economic Forums lists creative problem solving as an essential skill for the future workforce. As technology blurs the lines between industries and roles, being able to see relationships amidst shifting landscapes and apply them to the vague, but pressing challenges industries face will be essential.


“Right brain” skills, like intuitiveness and social intelligence, will become even more important in a world of increasing mechanization. Technology can make workers more efficient, but soft skills make workers happier, better. Prospective employees that possess what are innately very human skills, like the power of good negotiation, will not be replaced by automation anytime soon.
Fortunately, it has never been easier or more convenient to find workshops and classes to help equip you with the skills you will need. Learning can happen anytime and anywhere and this has never been more apparent than in the current digital age we live in. Even those who value face-to-face learning will still use online means to make the experience easier.
As long as you have a connection to the Internet and a device, whether it be a computer, mobile phone or notebook, you have access to unlimited opportunities to learn something new.
The future may appear intimidating but it has never been easier to learn new things and to be prepared. People will need to adapt, be curious and attain new skills in order to succeed in the future workforce.

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