By Aubrey Rose A. Inosante

SAMSUNG Electronics Philippines Corp. (SEPCO) is likely to reach its target to deploy its Kiosk self-service device in all KFC stores nationwide within this year, an official said.

“Samsung Kiosks have been deployed to more than 50% of KFC stores nationwide. The plan is to complete installations for the remaining branches within 2024,” SEPCO Head of Display Solutions Jasmel Lacosta said in an e-mail.

The fast-food chain KFC currently has 380 stores nationwide.

KFC is the first global brand carrying the self-service Kiosk, Samsung’s Display Solutions Retail Operations Specialist Consumer Electronics Jescille Rubio told BusinessWorld during Samsung’s Business Expo on March 21.

Samsung’s 24-inch all-in-one kiosk solution aims to streamline concession ordering and increase ticket transactions.

The device runs on platforms Tizen OS and Windows IoT that software providers can choose from.

Mr. Lacosta added that the self-ordering device has flexible installation options. Establishments can opt to have it tabletop, wall-mounted, or with a stand.

It has improved productivity and efficiency in KFC branches, he said, as having the devices has led to the reallocation of cashier staff to other tasks.

“They can help to minimize queues and increase order accuracy so as to further elevate customer experiences,” Mr. Lacosta said.

Samsung has also deployed its Kiosks to some healthcare institutions for their patient queueing systems.

Mr. Lacosta added that the company is in talks with 7-Eleven to deploy Kiosks in its branches nationwide.

“We are working with 7-Eleven to provide cost-effective Kiosk solutions, and we are definitely working towards ensuring that more companies are able to benefit from our technology,” he said.