LEXMEET HAS launched its application which matches clients with lawyers for legal consultations.
The LexMeet app, which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and soon through Apple’s App Store, just requires clients to register for free.
“LexMeet serves as the Uber of lawyers, where client can seek lawyer’s advice by a mere click. Instead of a Uber vehicle matching with the nearest rider, LexMeet is where client’s legal problem is matched with the lawyer’s expertise, location and language and we serve as a bridge for them to meet via video or call conference,” Marlon P. Valderama, president and founder of LexMeet, said in a statement.
For the consultation, the app will match the client’s concerns to a specialist on that matter. They should also submit inquiries, objectives, and documents, among others, that are relevant to their legal concern through the app’s sign-up forms. All consultations are done through voice or video calls.
Credits are automatically paid to the lawyer after the meeting ends. Credits can be purchased through Paypal, Dragonpay, Coins.Ph, and soon through Google Pay. The minimum amount P500.
Currently, the platform has 250 lawyers who cater to 7,500 clients.
Since its birth in 2017, the LexMeet website (www.lexmeet.com) has served as an online legal consultation platform for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and small and medium enterprises (SME).
“As we all know, the Philippines have more than 10.23 million migrant workers scattered all over the world. With Filipino diaspora, there is a demand for legal services for the legal issues left behind by our migrant workers such as marriage, support and custody issues, inheritance, investments, among others. Also, we have so many SMEs, almost 1 million now, who are needing legal guidance from lawyers. The lack of online facility to help our OFWs and SMEs in solving their legal problems is our prime motivation on establishing a primary hub of e-lawyering,” Mr. Valderama explained.
Mr. Valderama first introduced e-lawyering in 2010 through his law office’s website, E-Lawyers Online (www.e-lawyersonline.com). — Vincent Mariel P. Galang