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Stock market’s wild mood swings can be explained by Mr. Spock

CLIENTS, colleagues and even family members keep asking the same question: “Why have stocks decoupled from the economy?” These are not people who obsess over the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet or spend time with the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s birth-death model. They just want to know what’s going on in the stock market.

No one gets rich by shunning new cars and lattes

MANAGING your financial life requires following three rules.

Ten things people in finance should never say

AT A RECENT EVENT in New York City, I chatted with a money manager whose presentation had impressed me. At least, I was impressed until he uttered one of those hackneyed phrases that just make me flinch. This is an occupational hazard in the world of economic and market commentary. Any of us can lapse into lazy shorthand. But it is something best avoided: Use of trite or clichéd formulations neither reflects well on us, nor does it show respect for the reader or listener.

The 10 books you need to read this summer

By Barry Ritholtz, Bloomberg View IF YOU are anything like me, you are probably looking forward to delving into several new and recent book releases...