Jasser June Cruz, a key advocate for livelihood program, attended the Go Negosyo Tourism Summit 2024. This summit brought together industry leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurs to discuss tourism’s future and its impact on community development and economic growth.

Cruz participated in various sessions, gaining insights into sustainable tourism practices crucial for long-term economic benefits and preserving cultural and environmental heritage. He emphasized integrating these practices into local programs to ensure both profitability and sustainability.

He also highlighted the potential of digital platforms to promote local tourism. Using social media, online marketplaces, and virtual tours can help communities reach a broader audience and boost revenue. Cruz expressed enthusiasm for incorporating these tools into his efforts to empower local entrepreneurs.

Networking was a significant aspect of Cruz’s participation. He connected with potential partners, including eco-tourism organizations, digital marketing firms, and government agencies. A promising partnership with an eco-tourism organization is expected to bring new training programs and resources to local communities. Additionally, discussions with digital marketing experts will provide local entrepreneurs with the skills to promote their businesses online.

Cruz’s attendance at the summit underscores his commitment to fostering community growth through innovative and sustainable programs. By integrating the latest trends and forming strategic partnerships, the initiative aims to create lasting positive change.


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