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Invest in your dreams through Cocolife’s Variable Life Funds

A shared dream among hopefuls from various fields is to have their passion bring them to other parts of the world. This will not only introduce them to the global sphere allowing them to showcase their abilities on a broader stage but also give their loved ones and the community a sense of pride.

This dream has turned into a reality for visual artist Ian “Taipan” Lucero and basketball star Kiefer Ravena, who have been both given an opportunity to present their talent to a wider audience abroad.

“I feel a sense of pride being able to showcase and represent my roots overseas. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to do it on a daily basis,” said Mr. Ravena. The star athlete had earlier conveyed his excitement to come back and play with Shiga Lakes in the Japan B-League as the team’s captain.

Mr. Lucero is the creative genius behind CalligraFilipino and the artist behind Cocolife’s  baybayin symbols such as the Cocolife Maharlika App and Maniwala Annual Report signifying Cocolife’s principle of “Believing in the Filipino.” Mr. Lucero creates an artistic interpretation of Filipino pre-colonial writing incorporating traditional Filipino cultural elements. His works and lectures have been exhibited and featured in various mainstream media outlets in Asia, Europe and the US, where he currently stays.

“My primary inspiration is our history and our people. I want to show the world the beauty of our culture through the artistic interpretation of our ancestral script,” shared Mr. Lucero. “My secondary inspiration is making my mother proud, to try and honor her sacrifices and hardships for our benefit.”

“Our brand ambassador, basketball pro Kiefer Ravena has always been focused on his goals — on the court and as a young man,” shared Cocolife President and CEO Atty. Martin A. Loon. Mr. Ravena earnestly believes in the value of investing in one’s health, education, savings, and retirement, according to Atty. Loon.

Meanwhile, success, for Mr. Lucero, would be defined by the ability to provide a comfortable life for his loved ones especially his mother and honor her sacrifices and hardships.

As a believer in the Filipino people and their dreams, Cocolife’s commitment is to provide you with insurance and investment services that will help you achieve the financial freedom to let you live your dreams.

Whether you want to achieve your dreams overseas or in your home country, Cocolife could now support you in the pursuit and attainment by providing you with financial protection and fund accumulation through harnessing the opportunities from global investments.

Giving you the benefit of having both insurance and investment, Cocolife comes up with its latest product offering Variable Life Funds, which comprise the COCOLIFE Asian Multi-Asset Income Fund and COCOLIFE Global Consumer Trends Fund.

The COCOLIFE Asian Multi-Asset Income Fund is a dynamically managed variable life insurance investment fund that aims to get capital growth and income over the medium- to the longer-term horizon. The fund is for investors with moderately aggressive risk appetite looking for broad market exposure to debt securities and equity securities of Asia-Pacific companies. It primarily has exposure in the financial sector, utilities, communications, technology, and real estate investment trust (REITs) in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and Australia.

Meanwhile, the COCOLIFE Global Consumer Trends Fund is growth-oriented and a more aggressive equity fund suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon. The fund invests in equity securities of global companies and seeks to achieve long-term capital growth. These are companies that serve consumers’ discretionary needs or those that go along with consumer trends. Sectors that the fund mainly has exposure in are e-commerce, video gaming, entertainment (video streaming and digital media), automobile, and travel.

Cocolife clients can experience the possibilities offered by these new funds when they avail of Variable Universal Life products, an insurance plan that provides protection and investment, such as the Cocolife LifeVest, Cocolife Flexi, Cocolife Zenith, Money Accumulator Classic, Money Accumulator Preferred, and Money Accumulator Preferred Plus.

Through these products, Cocolife offers holistic financial protection and expertly-managed diversified investment opportunities fitted to support your unique financial goals that will enable you to chase your dreams and bring them into reality.

“Our goal is to make more Filipinos appreciate the value of having insurance and investment plans for a future that is secure, stable, and comfortable,” Cocolife’s Atty. Loon said. “When planning for your future, have someone who believes in your dreams.”

Find out more about Cocolife’s newest financial offering Variable Life Funds, as well as its array of insurance and investment services by calling 8810-7888 or visiting www.cocolife.com.


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