AboitizPower aspires for a better and brighter future for the country as it moves closer to growing its renewable energy portfolio while leveraging digitalization and innovation.

As the Aboitiz Group embarks on a Great Transformation towards becoming the first “techglomerate” in the country by 2025, the company’s power arm is making great strides in helping realize this ambition.

AboitizPower President and Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel V. Rubio said they are transforming their business through digitalization and innovation. At the same time, they are moving closer to their ambition of growing their Cleanergy portfolio. Cleanergy is AboitizPower’s brand for clean and renewable energy.

“We have almost 1,000 megawatts of disclosed renewable energy projects so far, all of which are expected to be delivered within the next three years. With that, we are well on our way towards delivering 3,700 MW of additional RE capacity by 2030 as part of our decarbonization journey,” he said.

AboitizPower announced last year that it aims to generate a net attributable capacity of 9,200 MW by the end of the decade, half of which will be sourced from RE and without a new coal plant. With this development, Rubio said they are “very optimistic” about hitting their goal.

“We are eager to complete these projects to continue serving the country’s growing power needs with RE and contributing to a sustainable energy transition,” he added.

AboitizPower’s decarbonization journey is reinforced by its innovation and digitalization initiatives. These stand at the forefront of the organization’s growth strategy and play a crucial part in the Great Transformation.

The Aboitiz Group is in full swing in its transition to becoming a “techglomerate” or a conglomerate that heavily integrates technology and design thinking in all its production, services, and processes.

In partnership with Aboitiz Data Innovation, AboitizPower launched its Data Innovation Program to strengthen its foray into Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, and new technology applications. The program aims to create shared value within the company and for all its stakeholders, impacting electricity costs and improving energy reliability and security in the country.

Rubio stressed the importance of innovation and data science in making impactful progress in moving the company’s bottom line and benefiting consumers. For AboitizPower, it is a concerted effort to drive innovation and data science. It is a moving force on all business fronts, including generation, distribution, and commercial operations.

The company is exploring various innovation projects proposed by AboitizPower team members to jumpstart its data innovation program. Among these are battery optimization, predictive analytics, and intelligent benchmarking of existing assets, to name a few.

“We are leveraging technology and innovation to improve our operations and to serve our customers better. This way, we can bring more value to the communities where we operate,” Rubio said.

AboitizPower will continue to pursue innovative energy solutions toward a more sustainable future and will strive to transform energy to power progress and help build prosperity for all.


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