The in-person Leisue team, along with those working from home, is behind Kyoo’s top-notch digital queueing system.

Many people have probably experienced the struggle of having to line up and wait in long queues to pay for services like utility companies and government agencies. Digitalizing this process should make the experience at least less struggling and be more convenient for customers.

Leisue, which focuses on the digital transformation of micro, small, and medium enterprises in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia, seeks a better customer experience and assists service providers with its flagship queueing management system, Kyoo.

And this 2022, Leisue will release the latest version of Kyoo in the country to further level up the queuing experience.

Five years into the industry, Leisue has provided excellent and helpful digital products to various sectors, including utilities, local governments, healthcare, automotive, and food and beverage. With Kyoo, Leisue allowed different businesses to efficiently manage long lines by letting customers queue virtually through remote queueing or with a contact-free queuing system on the site. Such a solution helped reduce waiting time and improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

With the changing demands of today’s consumers, Leisue is proud to be part of Toyota’s success in improving its digital systems and business operations through its efficient queueing management system, Kyoo. The company is currently servicing three of its branches – Toyota Pasig Group, Toyota Shaw Inc. and Toyota Taytay Rizal, Inc., and has since stayed true to its promise of delivering the best queueing service and experience to clients.

Client using Kyoo’s Queueing Management System at Toyota Pasig

Aside from this, the local government of Real Quezon has also been part of the high-level client roster of Leisue where Kyoo helped the municipality in achieving its “service first” commitment to its citizens through the implementation of a digital queueing system especially made for to ensure easy and fast service.

Kyoo – Queueing System Project with Real, Quezon headed by Mayor Bing Diestro-Aquino & Mr. Reuben Friginal of Municipal General Services Offices (MGSO)

PrimeWater Infrastructure Corporation, a water utility company, is also among the providers helped by Leisue’s Kyoo. PrimeWater needed a solution to manage traffic at its branches, especially during peaks. With the support of Kyoo, PrimeWater was able to cut the average waiting time of customers by nearly 48% to 25 minutes from 48 minutes. It also saw a 26.46% upturn in customer service rate.

Implementation of Kyoo’s Queueing System for Primewater’s 36 Business Centers

Now, with the new Kyoo Version 3.0, Leisue aims to help more companies and industries.

This will be a self-service SaaS (software as a service) model, as the new version seeks to deliver an easier and better service, which Customers can now register, sign up, log in on their own, and use the queueing system immediately right after the set-up. This could lessen the friction between the client and the customer success team as they can easily learn and use the system, and eventually complete the transactions faster.

Among the features of Kyoo that could improve customer experience include virtual queueing; a self-service kiosk, which could help reduce staff’s workload; a TV Display to show the queue status; web queue slip; SMS notifications for visitors; and a multilingual UI so the staff and visitors can use their preferred language options.

Kyoo could also aid businesses in several ways, such as staff could check their performance and managers could check how the branch is doing for the day. The queue workspace, an all-in-one queueing space for the staff, underwent a major experience upgrade for the new version. Kyoo also enable the management of teams across branches, as well as generate branch reports.

In addition, the new version of Kyoo offer more options for businesses to settle their payments, including subscription-based payments and monthly or yearly payments on the product or service availed.

Leisue also made Kyoo accessible over an internet network, remotely from any device and location, therefore allowing more flexibility and opportunities both for small and large enterprises to avail Kyoo.

Service providers, by the implementation of the SaaS model with Kyoo, could reduce their operational costs, increase accessibility and scalability, and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Leisue has been helping different organizations through an efficient queueing management system with Kyoo. The company aims to provide efficiency, flexibility, and global domination with its new product versions and systems, with its presence in Japan, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

If you want to know more about Kyoo’s efficient queueing management system and services, they offer FREE demo presentation. Just book a schedule with their queueing experts through or visit them at

Contact Number: +63 920 948 7451; (02) 8824 – 9106


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