We must have felt some sort of boredom when the COVID-19 pandemic started keeping us in our homes. Even if we still get to do our work from home, there might have been times when we can not quickly figure out how we will spend our spare time.

This is likely the reason why many have tried new hobbies as well as new means of doing things. With the help of technology, we still get to do more, right at the comfort of our home and within the reach of our fingertips —purchasing items, learning new skills, doing transactions, and so much more.

Run errands efficiently

Stocking up the pantry can be done without having to go to the supermarket. Through online delivery services, you can pick up fresh selections while avoiding long queues. You can also reduce exposure from your transaction through cashless payments using credit cards, debit cards, or electronic wallets (e-wallets). Security Bank Mastercard debit and credit cards can help you shop and pay online with ease. You can apply for a card online and choose the card that suits your lifestyle through this link www.securitybank.com/personal/credit-cards.

There are still bills to pay, even if the payments have somehow been eased because of the quarantine. Now is a fitting time to make such payments easierby scheduling recurring payments using your Security Bank Mastercard debit and credit cards subscriptions.You can also pay bills with Security Bank Online via their website or mobile app. Learn more about transacting on Security Bank Online here www.securitybank.com/blog/how-to-pay-bills-via-security-bank-online/.

Security Bank has also introduced a new service that allows its clients to enjoy a simpler way of managing their purchases. The new service, called “SimplyPay”, lets the bank’s credit card holders perform direct deposit transactions to any local bank account using their credit card. The Bank’s customers may now conveniently pay for purchases that don’t normally offer credit card payment options such as, but not limited to, rent, professional fees, insurance payments and school tuition among others. Visit www.securitybank.com/SimplyPay to learn more.

Keep in touch with family and friends

Staying at home does not stop anyone from celebrating their birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. Families or friends can celebrate virtually and still feast on the same meals together. Whether you buy from your favorite restaurant or support the food business of your neighborhood chef or baker, you can make payment to their bank accounts or e-wallets such as GCash, Paymaya and GrabPay via InstaPay, using your Security Bank Mobile App.  Learn more about what you can do with Instapay, click through this link https://www.securitybank.com/online-banking/instapay/.

Sending money to your loved ones anywhere in the country can also be easily done at home. With Security Bank’s eGiveCash, you can give to your loved ones even if they do not have bank accounts.eGiveCashalso enables you to send to your own mobile number, and receivers can get the money you sent from over hundreds of eGiveCash-enabled ATMs. Know more about eGiveCash through this link https://www.securitybank.com/personal/egive-cash/.

Save up for the future

The pandemic has made it more important to prepare for the unexpected. Instead of scrambling for funds when the need arises, setting up and maintaining an emergency fund makes one financially prepared for unprecedented situations such as sudden loss of income or health emergencies.

If you don’t have an emergency fund yet, now is the best time to start.Look for a high interest-earning savings account that does not tie your money to a term when you need to use it.  Security Bank offers its eSecure Savings (eSS) to its existing deposit clients.  Made available on Security Bank Online, eSS allows you to earn interest up to 12% higher than regular deposit accounts. You can also schedule recurring payments and deposits and open up to 10 savings accounts with eSS. Click here to learn more www.securitybank.com/personal/accounts/high-interest/esecure-online-savings.

Aside from equipping yourself with an emergency fund, you can also sign up for a FREE life insurance.  Both can be availed when you open a Security Bank AllAccess account.  The free life insurance gives you coverage of up to Php 3 million, with no medical exams required.  You can open an AllAccess account online via Skype Video Calland start building your emergency fund. Start an AllAccessAccount through Skype by clicking here www.securitybank.com/account-opening-vc/.

Security Bank is with every Filipino in striving to overcome this pandemic, as the nation adjusts to the new normal. The bank believes that by working together, this situation can get better. For more information on how Security Bank is helping Filipinos get better, you may visit www.securitybank.com/Get-better.