The Next Bright Idea 12 Grand Champion RyzaBond of La Salle Green Hills with executives from Enderun Colleges

Enderun Colleges’ annual business pitch competition, The Next Bright Idea, concluded its 12th season with the grand awarding ceremony that recognized the most innovative and sustainable business ideas from Grades 10-12 students across the Philippines.

This year marked the largest competition to date, with a remarkable 93 team registrations from various high schools nationwide. Out of these 93 teams, only 10 teams qualified for the final round, showcasing the best and brightest ideas.

Prior to the competition, Enderun hosted three sessions of the Enderun Entrepreneurship Masterclasses. These sessions were designed to provide all participants with equal learning opportunities, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for their business idea submissions.

The competition celebrated innovative ideas aimed at fostering sustainability. La Salle Green Hills impressed the judges and won the grand champion title with “RyzaBond,” a cost-effective, eco-friendly adhesive made from locally sourced rice husk and rice bran starch, offering strength comparable to both basic bio-adhesives and synthetic adhesives while being biodegradable and non-toxic.

Ecofil from Life Academy International earned the first runner-up spot by showcasing R3 Filament, which transforms discarded PET plastic bottles into high-quality, eco-friendly 3D printing filaments to combat pollution and promote sustainability in the Philippines.

The second runner-up position went to “Three Birds, One Stone,” also from La Salle Green Hills, for presenting the Banana Leaves Wax (BLW) Cloth Packaging, a reusable, eco-friendly food packaging made from banana leaf wax, chitosan, jojoba oil, and upcycled cotton cloth, designed to reduce plastic, agricultural, and fabric waste in the Philippines.

The winning teams received medals, plaques, and cash prizes worth P50,000, P20,000, and P10,000.

The event was graced by notable attendees and judges, including Daniel Perez, chief operating officer of Enderun Colleges; Lou Molina, director for college program development and branding at Enderun Colleges and the creator of The Next Bright Idea; Ray Estrada and Marivic Ignacio, both faculty members of the College of Business at Enderun Colleges; Mhyles Oliva, director of sustainability and head of academics at Enderun Colleges; and Larry Gamboa, PhD, resident judge and author of Think Rich, Pinoy!.

“Tonight we honor each of you for your unique ideas, your perseverance, and your entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that this experience will propel your motivation to become an entrepreneur one day,” Ms. Molina said, emphasizing the importance of fostering young talent.

“Entrepreneurship is not just about making money,” Mr. Perez added. “Being an entrepreneur is a very noble calling because you solve problems and help improve other people’s lives. And through your business and projects we provide purpose for other people to join your vision to impact wonderful change.”