Kezar Innovations brings latest tech to Filipino firms (and homes)


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Technology has become an indispensable tool for human beings. The more it innovates over the passage of time, the more it becomes specialized, and the more it infiltrates different aspects of one’s life.

Kezar Innovations seeks to be at the forefront of these innovations. Founded in 2017 by Edward Solicito, CEO and Paul Galacan, CFO, the startup firm is propelled by the goal of providing technology for all kinds of industries in the Philippines. To date, the Batangas-based company has projects in the works for agriculture, cosmetics, and transportation, among others.

While those new technologies are in the works, check out their four current products designed to improve your lifestyle.

Trakaro: Travel, but make it responsible

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it’s also hard to ignore the food and hospitality industries’ massive carbon footprints. Thankfully, there’s an app that helps find a happy medium for concerned tourists without sacrificing their experience.

Trakaro rates the sustainability of local hotels, restaurants, and tour operators by analyzing their food source network, manpower proximity, and customer experience. Bookings and inquiries can be sent directly on the app as well, cutting down time looking for contact details.

Kezar Atlas: Making your business smarter


Mobile and web apps, when used right, can be highly lucrative for a business. But for those without a tech background, development and maintenance may be a challenge.

Through Kezar Atlas, businesses can choose a package suitable to their needs and anticipate the app launch in 60 days. For those who won’t need an app anytime soon, products such as inventory management systems, customer relationship management systems, and QR-based, terminal-free loyalty reward programs can also be availed to further improve services.

Kezar3D: Boosting the 3D printing industry

3D printing offers different benefits for several industries, such as cheaper costs and shorter production turnarounds. But while bigger companies may already be enjoying these benefits, the ordinary Filipino may be missing out due to its general inaccessibility.

Kezar3D aims to address this problem by opening their 3D printing services to the public. All interested clients have to do is send their design via email.

And for those thinking of interesting gifts or souvenirs, 3D Memory prints out a 3D version of a photo. The finished product can be shipped nationwide for free.

StudyPlay: Mixing learning with play

Aside from helping develop imagination and social competence, merging learning and play with children has been found to help them learn about concepts through representations that they can engage with.

For example, they can get a headstart on 3D printing through AirDoodle, a 3D printing pen starter kit. By creating their own toys, they’ll also be able to learn about dimensions which may not be possible with the likes of 2D drawing.

Meanwhile, Kezar’s BopBugz is an electronic toy with multiple play modes. By integrating motion detectors and infrared sensors, kids can develop their hand-eye coordination.