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Engineering firm develops digital enterprise platform

By Revin Mikhael D. Ochave, Reporter

ESCA Engineering recently unveiled a digital enterprise platform that will make it easier to manage construction projects.

ESCA President Ernesto S. de Castro said that Project Information Management 345D (PIM345D), its digital Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform, is now being used in the company’s projects.

“We have developed the PIM345D and we’re actually using it in projects right now. The beauty about this is we actually connect the field, the office, the site, the designers and owners. This information is available in one application. We believe that this is something that’s going to be a game-changer in our industry,” he said during a media briefing at Makati City on July 28.

ESCA’s PIM345D encompasses all BIM process and processes, and seeks to solve the challenge of technological adoption in the country due to the prohibitive cost of technology licenses.   

The platform allows ESCA’s clients to have an entire suite of applications required to imagine, design, engineer, construct, and manage a project in a single digital framework.

“PIM345D empowers local and national government agencies, private developers, and project proponents with a digital solution within their budget that includes project management, design, construction, engineering, scheduling, resourcing, and cost management applications into a single integrated, connected, and mobile project information management tool,” ESCA said.   

According to ESCA, the new platform is scheduled to have a Philippine and international market launch in the first part of 2023 once extensive testing is finished.

The company added that pricing for the new digital BIM platform has yet to be determined.

Sought for additional comment, Mr. De Castro said that the price will be more affordable than other available platforms.   

“We will make it very, very affordable. It will be 30% of what could cost you to use other software,” he said.

Meanwhile, ESCA Engineering also announced that it has an ongoing partnership with Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) to retrofit an initial 15 business centers of the electric utility firm. 

The company disclosed that the retrofitting, nearly a two-year engagement period, will allow Meralco’s business centers to sustain additional weight for new solar panel installations while also implementing other structural disaster-proof improvements.   

“Meralco has been a trusted energy infrastructure backbone for the National Capital Region for generations of Filipinos, and we are grateful for their continued trust in ESCA Engineering. We are excited to deliver client value through significant engineering improvements across this initial group of customer-facing business centers,” ESCA Engineering Chief Executive Officer Jean Jacquelyn Nathania A. de Castro said. 

In the same media briefing, ESCA Engineering also introduced a new visual identity and corporate brand name, which was previously ESCA, Inc. 

“ESCA Engineering reflects who we are now and our focused business — a digitally driven and engineering-centric service firm, ready to seize new opportunities for our clients across the Philippines and around the world,” Ms. De Castro said.