By Patricia B. Mirasol

BusinessWorld asked job and career platforms for insights on where the labor market is right now, where it could be headed post-pandemic, and which sectors are hiring.

JobStreet cites education, customer service, and healthcare as the top three in-demand job industries right now. Here are the top 10 per their March to June 2020 database:

• Education
• Customer Service
• Healthcare (Nurse/ Medical Support & Assistant)
• IT/Computer – Software
• Clerical/Administrative Support
• General Work
• Finance – General/Cost Accounting
• Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service
• IT/Computer – Network/System/Database Admin
• Banking/Financial Services

“During the COVID-19 crisis, Education overtook Customer Service in the top spot (Customer Service was previously number one in the first two months of the quarantine), due to a rise in demand for online teaching jobs. Some of the industries that are fast-climbing because of the current quarantine needs are: IT/Computer – Software, General Work (i.e., housekeeping, driving, messenger services, etc.), and Finance (i.e., accounting),” said a representative for JobStreet.

The portal also saw an 88% increase in search for work-from-home jobs, a 79% increase in search for home-based jobs, and a 94% increase in search for freelance jobs from March to April 2020, or the first two months of the quarantine. “With the majority of the workforce moving remotely, the focus is on digital skills,”  JobStreet’s representative added.

JobStreet noted that certain job roles, such as Zoom support, reflect the new normal.

Meanwhile, Sebastian San, general manager of the non-executive job platform Fast Jobs PH, shared that more jobs related to e-commerce have sprung up during the pandemic. They saw a shift in demand from retailers and F&B (food and beverage) positions to warehouse packers and delivery riders. They similarly saw a surge in administrative, call center, retail, and logistics roles.

From the same March to June 2020 database, JobStreet also enumerated the top 10 jobs with the most number of applicants:

• Customer Service
• Clerical/Administrative Support
• Banking/Financial Services
• Education
• Human Resources
• Finance – General/Cost Accounting
• IT/Computer – Software
• Sales – Retail/General
• Sales – Corporate
• Marketing/Business Development

Kalibrr’s white paper, “The Philippine Talent Landscape: COVID-19’s Impact on the Labor Market in Q2 2020,” broke down these segments as follows:

Top jobs Filipinos are applying to 

Total number of applications

Bank Teller


Administrative Assistant


Customer Service Representative 


Graphic Artist 


HR Assistant 


Project Manager 


Management Trainee


Accounting Assistant


Data Analyst


Executive Assistant


Source: Kalibrr’s “The Philippine Talent Landscape: COVID-19’s Impact on the Labor Market in Q2 2020”


JobStreet sees the job market as generally more employer-centric. From April to June, two million visitors accessed the website, which lists almost 42,000 job opportunities.

Kalibrr noted that jobseekers should look at positions that received minimal applications, since this presents an opportunity for them to learn skills that can help them qualify for these roles. 

It also pointed out that while the IT and BPO industry offered a lot of potential job opportunities, there were fewer than 35 applications per job post. According to Kalibrr, employers in the said industries should better communicate their brands to gain more applications. This guides jobseekers too on promising career opportunities due to less competition and more stability. 

Top industries that are hiring

Average number of applications per job post

Trading and Distribution 


Sales and Marketing 


Real Estate


IT and Software


Accounting and Finance 




Media and Creatives 




Retail and Merchandising


Human Resources


Source: Kalibrr’s “The Philippine Talent Landscape: COVID-19’s Impact on the Labor Market in Q2 2020”


These are the bright spots in the labor market that job hunters and organizations can capitalize on, amid an unemployment rate of 17.7% — equivalent to 7.25 million jobless Filipinos and the fastest since 2005 — from 5.1% a year earlier, according to the local statistics agency. 


Finding a job based on your location

LapitJobs and LapitTauhan are new location-based recruitment platforms developed by Appscape Corporation. LapitJobs helps applicants find work nearest to their homes, and LapitTauhan helps companies find the nearest available employees to them. This feature addresses lockdown restrictions and the scarcity of public transportation.

The LapitJobs app, in particular, has a function which shows a job’s net pay, or information on the estimated transportation cost and taxes deducted at the end of the month for each job. It also has a section called Tambayan, meant as a gathering place where experts in nutrition, education, and human resource management can share tips and success stories. 

One Tambayan mentor is former Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, who shares information on employee rights.

LapitTauhan, on the other hand, has a comprehensive Applicant Management Dashboard where employers can see applicants’ resumes, schedule interviews, access a proprietary dashboard with pre-loaded yet customizable questions, and let an applicant know via the software if he has been accepted or not. Another feature is Find Candidate, which allows employers to find potential hires on a map based on their skills. (The said map anonymizes applicants by only showing their first name and professional skills.)

The LapitJobs app is coming soon on Google Play Store. The LapitTauhan website is live.