With its unmatched breadth of expertise in the realm of digital transformation, ABM Global Solutions, Inc. (AGS) has become a reliable partner of success-driven enterprises in optimizing their business operations. By having a strong track record in delivering quality consulting services and premier software applications, AGS has established itself as a business solutions provider of choice in the country.

Information technology-enabled consultancy

AGS at its core is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) company with adjacent product offerings in customer relationship management (CRM), human capital management (HCM) and spend management.

According to Patrick David R. de Leon, AGS chief operating officer, the company is positioning itself as a complete provider of all enterprise solutions. “We’d like to take ourselves from being a technical consultant to being a business consultant using IT (information technology) as an enabler,” he said.

Since 1993, AGS has been helping businesses achieve growth and profitability. It has already catered to over 2,000 customers across multiple industries. Its extensive experience working with various clients has allowed the company to understand and tackle the complexities of almost any business.

Top-notch business solutions

The solutions AGS offer are end to end, covering such areas as business management software or solutions (ERP, CRM, spend management, human resource management and hospital management), infrastructure (connectivity, hardware and data center services), user adoption (A.C.T. Program — Adoption, Change Management and Training) and application support (talent outsourcing, license audit, application utilization review, data clean-up and reports).

It also ties up with global technology companies, such as SAP, Microsoft, Procurement Express and Coupa, to bring more top-notch business management solutions to the local market. These solutions are designed to positively impact the key components of a business — its processes, tools, systems and people.

Another thing that sets AGS apart from its competitors, in addition to its end-to-end solutions and collaborations with tech companies, is the belief that there’s no one product that fits all. It is with this idea that the company carries not just one, but a roster of world-class business management software. By sticking to this principle, AGS assures clients that they are given unbiased, practical recommendations.

Besides recommending new technologies, AGS shares its expertise in other areas to fully help companies revolutionize the way they do business. With a team of highly competent certified public accountants, industrial engineers, supply chain management advisors, and software engineers as consultants, AGS provides service delivery that extends beyond business IT requirements.

“We include our ability to understand what the enterprise wants to accomplish,” Mr. de Leon said. “So the first thing is to understand their business, for us to structure a solution properly.”

The company also constantly monitors the progress of their customers, responds to their concerns as soon as possible, and ensures that positive results are achieved, according to Mr. de Leon.

Naturally adaptable to change

When it comes to how the company adapts to the constant changes and developments in the industry, Mr. de Leon said, “By the very nature of people in our business, we don’t think of change as distinct steps. These are just something embedded in our DNA. We’re in tune with all the changes in the industry and we’re able to catch up with them easily. It doesn’t take much effort to adapt to the changes because it’s in our nature.”

“More than history, what’s more important is what we can do now is what we can continue to do in the future,” he said, adding that on top of working with IP Converge Data Services, Inc. (IPC) — an Internet data center, telecommunications and cloud services company that is also managed by him — AGS is under the wings of ePLDT, a premier telecommunications and digital services provider in the country. “So even if you talk to AGS, AGS will be able to bring the expertise of all these companies together.”

In the years to come, Mr. de Leon shared that they would like to maintain the reputation of AGS as the enterprise solution provider of choice for both the large- and the mid-market enterprises in the country.