CHINESE multinational technology company Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. said countries should address the politicization of technological advancements.

“We must reach a global consensus on this issue and believe in the power of technology to leverage it for the benefit of the society,” Chen Lifang, Huawei senior vice-president and board member, said at a virtual forum on Monday.

“Technological advancements are hyped and politicized, sometimes demonized. Many have stopped believing in the power of technology because of fear and distrust,” she noted.

There have been security concerns regarding Huawei, especially its 5G infrastructure.

“I recently read a report, which said that any important digital platform that is dominated by China will be highly dangerous to the US if not effectively contained and that 5G was one such platform,” Ms. Chen noted.

She said Huawei’s 5G should not be a “bad thing” as it enables the digital transformation of traditional industries.

In the Philippines, both PLDT, Inc. and Globe Telecom, Inc. have partnered with Huawei for their 5G networks.

PLDT inked an agreement with Huawei in 2017 for the development of its 5G network, which involves the establishment of an innovation laboratory and showcase network. The two also signed a $28.5-million deal to overhaul PLDT’s wireless service delivery platforms.

Globe forged a deal with Huawei in 2011, which was renewed in 2015, for the upgrade and expansion of its networks and the formation of a mobile innovation center.

Ms. Chen added that the abuse of new technologies is not a new concern. “But since the industrial revolution, we have seen how establishing rules to manage technological risks can safeguard us.”

“Through rules, technological developments can transcend national boundaries and improve the livelihoods of all without incurring undue risk,” she said. “For the rest of us, it’s time to be confident and open to technological development.”

She called on businesses to take action to utilize technology to create more value for industries.

Huawei recently said it wants to help the Philippine government achieve its goal of increasing the use of renewable energy in the country.

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