PANASONIC Manufacturing Philippines Corp. (PMPC), importer and distributor of the Japanese electronics company’s range of products, announced recently that its proprietary Nanoe X technology has been verified by global contract research organization Texcell to have an “an inhibitory effect… with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).”

In an online press conference, PMPC executives discussed how the Nanoe X ionizer, featured in the brand’s select air-conditioners and appliances, generates “nano-sized atomized water particles… collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high voltage to it to produce hydroxyl radicals contained in water. Hydroxyl radicals are characterized as being strongly oxidative and highly reactive.”

Panasonic R&D has been continuously developing the technology since 1997. The latest iteration is said to effectively inhibit pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and allergens, while breaking down PM2.5 components that have adverse effects on the human body. PM (or particulate matter) is a collective term for the mix of solid particles and liquid droplets in the air. PM2.5 is comprised of “fine inhalable particles” measuring 2.5 micrometers and smaller. For reference, an average human hair is 70 micrometers in diameter. PM 2.5 can cause serious health problems if inhaled.

What does the Nanoe X technology do through Panasonic appliances? It generates 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second—ultimately helping to inhibit surface-level pollutants by penetrating deep into fabric materials and inhibiting pathogenic microorganisms, mold, allergen, pollen, and other hazardous substances.

So how does it specifically fight against the viruses such as the coronavirus? “The hydroxyl radicals… attach onto viruses, taking away hydrogen from proteins… (neutralizing them).” The aforementioned Texcell test report confirmed the effectiveness of the Nanoe X device” used in an enclosed 45-liter enclosed box… to inhibit novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in two hours.”

Replying to a question from BusinessWorld, PMPC President Masatoshi Sasaki said while the Nanoe technology has been around for a while, the Nanoe X in particular is the first to have been proven to combat the coronavirus.

The Panasonic appliances (particularly the tech-equipped air-conditioners) are positioned as making Filipino homes — and even business establishments — “safe havens” providing 24-hour air protection. — Kap Maceda Aguila