INDIVIDUAL honors is good, but to win, even lose, as a team is better for the Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army in the just-concluded LBC Ronda Pilipinas.

“We don’t race for ourselves, we race as a team. While we toast individual feats and are proud of lap honors won, it is the collective effort that truly defined the maturity and worth of the Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army,” said team manager Eric Buhain, a bemedalled swimmer during his national team days turned multi-sports patron and enthusiasts.

The Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army placed third overall this year, two years after shocking the field with a second-place finish on its debut in 2018.

“Third place, that’s not bad at all. This year’s field is tougher than before, I’ve seen some really well-prepared teams and truly talented riders. For Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army to still hold its ground against such tall order is already proof that we’re still on it, and soon get that big victory,” said Mr. Buhain.

Pfc. Marvin Tapic made it to the Top 10 in the individual classification while teammate Jester Mendoza is next at No.11.

Mark Bordeos placed No.14 while Pfc. Cris Joven is in No.15 and Dominic Perez placed No.16.

During the 10-stage, 11 days cycling marathon, Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army pulled off a shocker when 27-year old Bordeos claimed Stage 1 in Sorsogon and even wore the “red jersey” of the leader twice.

“Even then, when we took the lap 1 honors, our riders remained focus to ride as a team. We kept our eyes on the road of the team championship, brotherhood at its finest,” said Mr. Buhain.

The team manager also extended his heartfelt gratitude to the members and officers of the Philippine Army led by LTC Dexter A. Macasaet, QMS (GSC) PA — Director SSC, IMCOM (P), MGen. Tyne T. Bañas, AFP — Cmdr, IMCOM (P), PA at Lt. Gen Gilbert I. Gapay AFP — CG, PA.

“Yung suporta nila at tulong sa ating mga riders ay tunay namang nagbigay lakas sa kanila para magpursige sa laban,” said Mr. Buhain.

He added that it’s back to the drawing board for Bicycology Shop-Philippine Army, assessment and preparation in order for a new assault in 2021.

“We will be better prepared than before, well-trained and more motivated. And our motto remains — we ride, or die trying, as one,” said Mr. Buhain.