By Arjay L. Balinbin, Reporter
PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte on Sunday said his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio, is in control of the family’s political decisions.
Speaking in Cebu City last Sunday, Feb. 24, Mr. Duterte said he can no longer run for office after his term as president. He also said that whatever decisions needed regarding the 2022 elections will now be up to Ms. Duterte-Carpio, because she is the one taking the lead when it comes to the family’s political decisions.
“Inday is the one taking the lead. Inday is the one who controls the poli[tics]… Wala na ako eh. I know that after three years, wala na talaga ako. I will no longer be able to run and you will also not be able to tell Inday what to do,” Mr. Duterte said in his remarks during the distribution of grants to unconditional cash-transfer beneficiaries in Cebu City.
“Have you seen Inday? Alvarez was just kidding around. But I can also impeach him. So if you will make a joke, don’t joke around with someone who has a father, mother, sibling and children behind her. You better watch out,” the President narrated, referring to the ouster of former House speaker Pantaleon D. Alvarez.
“She started planning it in Davao. Alvarez was replaced. I wasn’t even aware that she was angry. But with Inday, you just can’t… Go there and you’ll get a taste of….” the President continued.
Ms. Duterte-Carpio is seen by observers as a potential contender in the 2022 presidential elections.
The Davao City Mayor said she will make up her mind in 2021.
“I was mayor of Davao for 23 years. And I was also a congressman. I was Inday’s vice mayor and then I became President. By God’s grace I never lost an election. I’m not bragging about it,” the President said.
Mr. Duterte described her daughter as a “tough” mayor.
“By 12 midnight, it’s as if Davao has closed down. No people will be walking outside by then. Nobody’s smoking or drinking because if Inday sees you, she’ll slap you,” he said.
“If you go to Davao, you have to go about it carefully. I beat people up too but Inday is worse than me. Have you seen the sheriff that she punched? She even pulled his hair. He was almost bald,” he said.