A PERFECT swirl of whipped cream, bits of chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles of tiny white chocolate kisses, topped with Graham crackers and marshmallows — savoring a cold sweet drink once in a while is a treat to oneself after a long day.
Seattle’s Best Coffee offers a new selection of indulgent drinks for the third quarter of 2018 with the SBC Just Desserts collection.
“It’s all about the goodness of a beverage and a dessert,” Seattle’s Best Coffee brand manager Angel A. Gaffud told BusinessWorld about how the team came up with the new flavors.
The drinks in the collection include Triple Chocolate which includes a combination of dark chocolate powder, dark chocolate sauce, topped off with a fudge bar; Campfire S’mores, made of toasted marshmallow and Graham crackers, sprinkled with shortbread syrup; and Hazelnut Cheesecake, made with crushed Graham crackers, dark chocolate syrup, and cheesecake whipped cream.
Ms. Gaffud said that SBC aims to introduce the flavors to the younger market. “They are more discriminating in their taste. We want younger ones to enjoy what real coffee is. It’s not just all sugar, all caramel. We want it be relatable to them,” she said.
Aside from the new collection of drinks, SBC introduced its new logo of red bold initials with white inner lines beside a steaming cup of coffee which Ms. Gaffud referred to as “easier to remember” and that it can “automatically [be] connected with the brand alone.”
Coffee plays a different role in people’s lives. “With coffee it works both ways, it helps you to prepare yourself and it also somehow relaxes you,” Ms. Gaffud said, describing coffee as a quick escape from the stress of daily routines.
Along with the new drinks, SBC launched merchandise featuring Henry the Calico, Barry the Frenchie, and an eco-friendly stainless tumbler.
The SBC Just Desserts drinks are available in hot mocha or ice-blended Javakula until Oct. 15. — Michelle Anne P. Soliman