By Minde Nyl R. Dela Cruz, Reporter
DEPARTMENT of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Undersecretary Ernesto C. Abella said the Philippine government is serious as it “continues to engage in diplomatic actions” to address the West Philippine Sea (WPS) dispute with China.
“The Philippines continues to engage in diplomatic actions towards our partner countries and especially in this case, those who are having claims in the WPS, SCS (South China Sea),” Mr. Abella said in an interview in Malacañang on Friday.
“We continue to ensure that our areas of cooperation especially with China are protected: safety of the seas, safety of travel, oil and gas, fisheries, and environmental concerns. We continue to engage in diplomatic actions.”
Mr. Abella said a diplomatic protest against China has been filed but refused to elaborate on “classified details.”
“Safe to assume that anything that is of considerable concern to the safety is covered,” Mr. Abella said.
Mr. Abella noted that the DFA appreciates comments and criticism regarding its action on the South China Sea claim but assured the public “there is a lot of serious engagement going on.”
Eight senators on Wednesday filed a resolution calling on DFA to file a diplomatic protest over the increasing militarization at the South China Sea.
China landed H-6K bomber in Spratly Islands last May 19 as part of its defense training. Prior to that, US media also reported the installation of missiles in three islands claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines.