PAYMENT solutions provider Bayad Center (BC) has launched on Tuesday a mobile app to complement its more than 12,000 payment locations nationwide and extend its reach to include the growing “mobile” market.

“Everyone wants everything to be simple. The BC Mobile is just that. It puts together in one app all your payment needs, no bells and whistles,” said Wendell Kristian P. Labre, CIS Bayad Center, Inc.’s marketing head.

The mobile app can send customers a reminder for their due dates, show the nearest Bayad Center branches and authorized partners, and allow bills payment “on the fly.”

“No need to enroll in different online payment sites, because BC Mobile carries under its umbrella the string of billing partners, and the seal of service and reliability that Bayad Center offers,” Mr. Labre said.

The app, a one-stop online shop for all your bills payment needs, takes out the need to fill out forms and mail bills on a monthly basis. It allows customers to pay bills “anytime, anywhere” using mobile phones.

“For most of us who are always online yet still prefer paying over-the-counter or face-to-face, the branch locator shows you the list of Bayad Center branches, authorized partners, collecting agents and automated payment machines near you,” he said.

In the future, the mobile app will offer remittance or money transfer services, prepaid loading and selling of Instasurance — a microinsurance for tricycle, jeepney drivers and similar workers.

The app will also be linked to Bayad Center’s loyalty program, which will also be launched this year, company officials said. It will also include features such as bills payment management, where users can view payment history across different payment channels. It will also offer information that will help others identify branches with shorter queues. — Victor V. Saulon