THE Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said it expects work arrangements to be more weighted towards hybrid models in the future, “balancing out” from the current ratio of 60% onsite and 40% work from home (WFH).

Tonichi Achurra-Parekh, a CCAP board member, told reporters during a forum in Taguig City on Thursday that “It really comes down to identifying what kind of work is needed… I think the future is hybrid work.”

Ms. Achurra-Parekh said she is aware of some industries conducting 100% WFH, including tech support and travel companies.

She added that the current 60:40 ratio is expected to “balance out” in the future as the industry configures operations more towards hybrid work.

In September last year, the government allowed registered IT and business process outsourcing companies to conduct 100% WFH and still avail of fiscal incentives as long as they shift their registration to the Board of Investments from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

Ms. Achurra-Parekh said CCAP is expecting continued growth in 2023 despite economic headwinds.

“I think we will continue to grow… We’re still in the learning stage, we’re still traversing new terrain, but we have so much more experience (compared with) two years ago. In that respect, the confidence level of our current partners and potential partners is still there,” she said.

“With the challenges that the global economy is experiencing, (clients) have really nowhere else to go but in the Philippines. And I think it really now is on us to make sure that the supply will be available,” she added. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave