THE AVERAGE retail price of regular-milled rice fell in six regional trading centers at around mid-August, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). 

In a report on Friday, the PSA said the average retail price of regular-milled rice decreased by P4.56 to P34.44 per kilogram (/kg) in Iloilo City, P3.72 to P32.44/kg in Calapan City, P1.21 to P35.48/kg in Kidapawan City, 75 centavos to P34.25/kg in Cabanatuan City, 40 centavos to P36.50/kg in Butuan City, and 12 centavos to P35.69/kg in Legazpi City. 

The price sampling period was from Aug. 15 to 17. Prices were compared to those recorded from Aug. 1 to 5. 

The average retail price of regular-milled rice climbed P1.05 to P35.65/kg in Baguio City, P1.01 to P42.55/kg in Digos City, 47 centavos to P32.47/kg in Pagadian City, 12 centavos to P40.27/kg in Tacloban City, ten centavos to P43.24/kg in Cebu City, and three centavos to P38.18/kg in the National Capital Region (NCR). 

The PSA said the average retail price for a kilo of pork in bones dropped by P5.42 to P35.31 in four regional centers. 

Tacloban City registered the steepest drop at P35.31 to P247.19/kg, followed by Baguio City with P8.48 to P280/kg, Pagadian City at P7.84 to P212.16/kg and Cebu City at P5.42 to P184.17/kg. 

On the other hand, San Fernando City recorded the largest increase at P25 to P310/kg. Cabanatuan and Legazpi cities also saw a rise in average retail prices for pork with bones at P10 to P345/kg and at P5.64 to P340.36/kg, respectively. 

Meanwhile, average retail prices for galunggong (round scad) declined in six regional centers. Legazpi City recorded the largest decline at P38.67 to P154.67/kg, followed by Pagadian City at P35 to P105/kg, P6.23 to P162.08/kg in Iloilo City, P3.11 to P226.44/kg in NCR, and P2.43 to P167.57/kg in Baguio City. 

Butuan City, on the other hand, saw an increase of P43.37 to P239.68/kg of galunggong. Cabanatuan City posted an increase of P40 to P220/kg, Cagayan de Oro City at P10 to P190/kg, and Kidapawan City at P3.72 to P156.28/kg. 

The PSA also reported that the average retail price of red onion increased in five centers. Butuan City posted the largest increase at P18.50 to P138.50/kg, followed by Legazpi City with P11.16 to P136.74/kg, Kidapawan City at P7.02 to P107.02/kg, Tacloban City at P4.07 to P120/kg and NCR at P0.44 to P110.44/kg. 

Meanwhile, its average price fell by P15.74 to P104.26 in Pagadian City, P10 to P90/kg in Cabanatuan City, P5 to P132.50/kg in Cagayan de Oro City, and P1.96 to P105.88/kg in Baguio City. — Angelica Y. Yang