LOCAL artificial intelligence-enabled predictive platform Betterteem Technologies, Inc. said it is planning to expand in Japan by 2025.

“We are working on doubling the efforts to penetrate the South Korean market and then venture into Japan since we’ve seen a spike in attrition in the professional industry,” Betterteem Founder and Chief Executive Officer Bo Discarga told BusinessWorld on the sidelines of the SaaScon 2024 event on Wednesday.

Founded in 2022, Betterteem serves three clients in South Korea and a new business in Thailand. It also works with 13 business process outsourcing (BPO) companies.

One of the company’s recent developments was the introduction of Flex Benefits, where clients can offer a customized benefits package based on segregated data on age group, marital status, and more.

Mr. Discarga said that instead of providing unused benefits like daycare for non-parent employees, one can convert them into a Netflix or Spotify subscription.

This feature stems from the 2023 Betterteem study, which found that benefits were driving employee resignations in the market.

According to the study, which surveyed 40,000 BPO employees, 18% of Generation Z are entering the workforce while millennials make up 48%. It also found that 70% of satisfied employees were millennials.

“You will see a lot of boomers exiting the equation and Gen Zs entering, which means there will be a big demand for work-life integration,” Mr. Discarga said.

He noted that Gen Z employees usually stay in the company for an average of 18 months, while millennials last for 34 months.

Betterteem’s platform detects quiet quitting. Apart from unwanted resignations, it can also identify the phenomenon where workers do the bare minimum to get by at work.

“We can already figure out whether performance is declining and how that dip in performance relates to the utilization of vacation leaves, sick leave, and even changes in roles, managers, and more,” Mr. Discarga said.

The company uses an attrition prediction tool that calculates the likelihood of employees leaving an organization.

Betterteem uses hundreds of data points, including changes of address, marital status updates, relocation from one city to another, amount of overtime, and workload    all of which could contribute to the decision to resign. — Aubrey Rose A. Inosante