is a centralized work operating system (Work OS) that allows teams with different functions to plan and track projects, processes, and daily work tasks from anywhere, anytime. 

The project management platform aims to address work-from-home challenges, including the lack of synchronization across teams and the lack of transparency.

Edward L. Cornel, i4 Asia Incorporated’s project manager for, demonstrated how the centralized workspace can track operations and streamline communication within and among departments through custom dashboards.

“It’s designed with flexibility to fit thousands of processes,” he said. “Marketing departments can use it for event management. Operations departments can use it for the creation of a help desk. Human resources departments can use it for employee onboarding. Creative departments can use it for review cycles.” 

i4 Asia Incorporated is a digital solutions agency and has been a Philippine partner of since January 2020. It has helped onboard more than 200 clients to the platform thus far.

The platform, which has different pricing plans depending on one’s needed features and storage space, also integrates with other apps like Trello, Slack, Gmail, and Zoom. Plans start at $8 per month.

It is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant and offers two-factor authentication. All data in the system is exportable, and clients can opt to download all their data at the end of their subscription period.

Founded in 2012 by Roy Mann and Eran Zinman, is a recognized unicorn and that won the 2020 Webby Award for Productivity. Among the companies that use worldwide are Chatime, BBC Studios, Adobe, Discovery Channel, and Unilever. 

“It’s like Excel on steroids,” said Michael Koa, managing director of bubble tea drink franchise Chatime Philippines, which uses the platform for business development projects and repair and maintenance logs. “You can organize reports the way you like it. Everyone’s in the know. It’s a good product, I must say.” 

Technology has to be part of a business, Mr. Koa added, or else “you’ll get left behind.” 

The system is intuitive, Mr. Cornel said during the virtual presser. “More than 70% of our user base are from non-technical backgrounds. It typically takes a day to get accustomed to the basics [of it].” — Patricia B. Mirasol