Breathing Digital: How Camella reshapes customer experience

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Investing in technology is not an option but a necessity—this is the significant lesson businesses from all sectors had to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. In the age of the internet where you can get your hands on a wide variety of goods and services using just a mobile phone, buying your home should be as equally easy. As the most extensive home and township builder in the country, Camella continues to harness the power of technology to make its customer service and processes more convenient.

Staying connected while keeping distance

With the limitations brought about by the pandemic, the challenge to the real estate industry is high due to physical restrictions banning site and house tours—the fundamental step in every home-buying process. Camella came prepared for this battle, so to speak, with a set of digital innovations that are way ahead of its industry contemporaries.

As early as last year, Camella has already been on the works of digitizing its core business processes, beginning with the Camella AR3D App (AR3D). AR3D is an app that makes use of augmented reality (AR) technology that transforms your regular house tripping into an immersive mobile game-like tour.

The application allows you to inspect every nook and corner of your prospective homes from your mobile devices. Also provided within the app are detailed descriptions about each Camella house offerings, including the exact floor and lot area, room specifications, and their added provisions.

To add to the experience, Camella likewise has a digital gallery of pre-recorded videos of site trippings uploaded in its digital platforms for the perusal of the prospective buyers. As a big believer in technology, Camella is making great leaps in its ongoing enhancements across all its digital platforms. The brand is also gearing up its website for a smoother and more holistic user experience. The revamped version of the portal now features a 360° virtual gallery where online visitor1s can freely walk inside houses, explore streets, and check out amenities in Camella.

Consistent with its leadership in creating cutting-edge developments, Camella also unveiled its first fully online reservation platform called E-Reservation (E-Res), with new upgrades already on the way. For its initial version, E-Res significantly makes home-buying easy by moving its document processing and payments online. With this new platform, you can own your new Camella home without leaving your doorsteps.

The improved roll-out would soon feature a more immersive house selection tool that would give homebuyers the freedom to choose their exact location within a development online. The release would also include a feature that would enable you to view pictures of the amenities and surroundings of your preferred township. As a bonus, Camella website visitors would also be able to book trippings directly on the portal. With these advancements underway, Camella gives its homebuyers all the alternative tools to feel as if they are physically exploring the developments.

The essential addition to Camella’s digital innovations is its online banking payment methods. All online payment facilities are now available to accept payments for Camella. With these roadblocks eliminated, it is now even easier to buy your new home without the hassle of traveling to fulfill payments and complete your transactions.

While online transactions may be fast and convenient, the element of a person can make consumers feel more comfortable when making big decisions. Thus, Camella has a team of online business partners on its website and official social media pages to assist potential homebuyers at any stage of their purchasing process.

Camella is continuously innovating to better its customer service delivery. The brand also gives its homeowners a separate platform to address their concerns and stay up-to-date with the latest announcements through the Vista HOMe App. These digital advancements are the testament of the four-decade favorite home and township builder’s commitment to utilizing technology to give homeowners and homebuyers the best customer service. As the world remains physically divided, Camella continues to take advantage of the vast opportunities of technology and stay connected.