THE Philippine banking industry’s trust and other fiduciary businesses rose by 10% year on year to P4.06 trillion as of end-June, data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) showed.

This was higher than the P3.66 trillion in the same period in 2022 and 2.7% above the P3.95 trillion in the previous quarter.

A trust business refers to any activity from a trustor-trustee relationship wherein a trustee is appointed by a trustor to administer, hold, and manage their funds and/or properties to the benefit of the trustor.

Banks or nonbank institutions such as investment houses can be designated to have a business unit to perform trust functions.

The trust industry’s assets include investments in securities and bank deposits.

BSP data showed cash and due from banks climbed by 38.7% to P469 million in the first half of the year from P338 million in the comparable year-ago period.

Total deposits in banks grew by 44.2% to  P1.07 trillion in the first semester from P742.6 billion last year.

Meanwhile, net financial assets slipped by 0.4% to P2.41 trillion as of end-June from P2.42 billion a year earlier.

Total loans, which includes gross equity investments, also dipped by 0.13% to P76.69 billion from P76.79 billion in 2022.

Under total accountabilities, trusts holdings stood at P1.43 trillion in the first half, 13.3% lower than the P1.65 trillion a year ago.

Broken down, unit investment trust funds fell by 41.2% to P495.24 billion in the January-to-June period from P841.72 billion last year.

Employee benefits went up by 11.7% to P353.03 billion year on year, while pre-need rose by 8% to P91.81 billion.

Agency trusts under total accountabilities climbed by 33.7% to P2.02 trillion from P1.51 trillion while other fiduciary services rose by 12.9% to P610.81 billion from P540.74 billion a year prior.

The universal and commercial banks managed P4.036 trillion of these trust holdings while thrift banks held P27.62 billion. — K.B. Ta-asan