By Michael Angelo S. Murillo
Senior Reporter

LOCAL FANS of professional wrestling are in for a treat this month as a newly formed promotion is set to make the Philippines its first publicity tour stop.

KnocX Pro and RED Boxing International recently forged a groundbreaking partnership to form World Wrestling Asia (WWA) to further cultivate interest in pro wrestling in this part of the world.

In line with this, World Wrestling Asia will bring in pro wrestling Hall of Famer Rikishi, Reno “Black Pearl” Anoa’i and James “Maverick” Rikiel to hold clinics beginning March 15 throughout the Philippines for local, aspiring, professional wrestlers.

Following the publicity tour, World Wrestling Asia will host a “Road To The Philippines” show in Los Angeles, California, which will be broadcast live in order to build awareness and anticipation for the ensuing WWA tour of the Philippines in August 2020.

KnokX Pro and RED Boxing International said that through the WWA they want to show their commitment to fostering local talent, putting on one-of- a-kind spectacles for underserved markets, and reinventing the professional wrestling landscape in Asia.

KnokX Pro is founded by professional wrestlers Anoa’i (CEO) and Rikishi (President), both of the famed Samoan Dynasty, while RED Boxing International is the brainchild of boxing promoter Rey “Cacoi” Almirante Rodis.