Multimedia Reporter

StartupBlink has launched the  Coronavirus Innovation Map, a global digital map pinpointing innovations and solutions that help people cope with and adapt to the changes brought about by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Simply typing in a location (such as a city or country), users are greeted with a list of innovations developed out of that locale.

The search can be further narrowed by choosing through five categories:

  • Prevention – tracking and preventing the spread of the virus
  • Diagnosis – diagnosing and identifying the infected
  • Treatment – precautionary treatments such as medicine; accessing medication without having to leave home
  • Information – spreading timely and accurate information about the pandemic and ongoing innovations
  • Life and business adaptation – adjusting daily lives to the current situation through virtual applications

According to StartupBlink, the map was created not only to stay informed but also to honor humankind’s innovative spirit. “One of the things we need more than ever is to stay well-informed and to be aware of not only the bad but the good that is happening in the world. It is also important to know that public institutions, corporations, and startups around the globe have been working tirelessly since the emergence of the coronavirus in hopes to find a solution or contain this virus.”

StartupBlink also hopes to connect more innovators and integrate more solutions into their map. “We know that curating all relevant data in a short amount of time is not achievable by a single person or company. This is why we will need everyone’s help. Through crowdsourcing and the help of the community, we will be able to cover the gaps and have as much information as possible.”

Those who would like to have their innovation or solution integrated into the map may apply through this form.