ECOWASTE Coalition has warned consumers against the use of toxic glue for the repair of punctured inner tubes for bicycle tires, which pose health risks.   

Cyclists and bike mechanics should be aware of the health risks of being exposed to the glue containing benzene, toluene and other hazardous substances, which are harmful if inhaled, ingested or in contact with the skin,the group said in a statement on Wednesday.    

The group said the glue might contain benzene, which is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing), mutagenic (can cause genetic mutations), and toxic (poisonous) substance.   

Retailers should cease and desist from selling tire repair kits containing this toxic glue. Manufacturers should replace benzene and other hazardous substances with non-toxic substitutes and disclose the chemical ingredients on the product labels to inform and guide consumers,the group said.    

According to EcoWaste Coalition, it bought bike repair kits in Manila that came with various tools, patches for the inner tube, and a glue named Red Sunthat is made in China. The product, also sold online, is priced P35 to P39 per set.   

The label does not provide a list of the glues ingredients but carries a hazard warning that says: Harmful vapor. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Extremely flammable. Contains petroleum distillate. Use under well-ventilated conditions,the group said.    

It added that the glue has been flagged by several countries after violating European Union (EU) chemical standards.    

As published in the European Unions Safety Gate, regulatory authorities in Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain have issued notifications withdrawing tire repair kits with Red Sun glue from the market for violation of EUs chemical standards,EcoWaste Coalition said. Revin Mikhael D. Ochave