INTERNET security firm Kaspersky on Monday said the enterprise solutions segment of its business achieved a “twofold” growth in the Philippines last year.

In a statement e-mailed to reporters on Monday, Kaspersky said that in the Philippines, it “logged a double-digit growth in terms of the company’s whole enterprise segment.”

Kaspersky’s whole enterprise segment includes its endpoint and non-endpoint security solutions for businesses.

In Southeast Asia, Kaspersky said its enterprise solutions segment hit a “three-digit year-on-year growth” in 2019.

The company added that it posted a “more than double increase” last year on its enterprise solutions segment across the region compared to the 2018 results.

This growth, Kaspersky said, was driven by the expansion of its business portfolio, especially in “threat hunting, threat intelligence, incident response, and a wide array of professional services.”

Such products and services, according to the company, are designed to offer “a holistic ‘true cybersecurity’ for companies across Southeast Asia.”

Kaspersky’s General Manager for Southeast Asia Yeo Siang Tiong explained: “When we talk about true cybersecurity, it involves the combination of solutions and professional services which can cover the four stages of a cybersecurity attack — predict, prevent, detect, and respond.”

“Our 2019 enterprise results clearly proves more and more enterprise stakeholders in the region believe in our expertise and capability to secure their systems and networks from the most common threats to the most sophisticated attacks,” he added.

Kaspersky also said its whole enterprise segment achieved “three-digit growth” in Singapore.

Thailand likewise hit a double-digit growth. It said the combined results of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar “posted a one-digit increase compared to its enterprise numbers in 2018.”

The global cybersecurity company added that its digital sales also ramped up its overall growth in the region.

With the markup, the company said, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar led the region.

It added that the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia logged a “two-digit” growth for their digital sales.

“We are grateful for the unparalleled trust we are receiving from our customers, our stakeholders, and our industry peers. As an evolving cybersecurity company, we will continue to strive to advocate transparency and cooperation in the industry and to constantly improve on our threat intelligence capability and next-generation technologies to combat complex threats lurking online,” Mr. Yeo said. — Arjay L. Balinbin