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A reliable healthcare partner for SMEs

For most companies, especially SMEs, reliability is an important factor in choosing a partner. Particularly, in providing the employees’ healthcare benefit program, it is crucial to find a provider that can be relied on even in the most challenging situations.

Cocolife, the biggest Filipino-owned stock life insurance company and the first ISO-certified Filipino insurance company, has shown its reliability as a partner of businesses for their healthcare needs, especially during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic.

Cocolife leads through the current crisis with a dedicated mission to serve. The efforts made by management during the COVID-19 pandemic, under the leadership of Cocolife’s President and CEO, Atty. Martin Loon, have propelled the business to become among the top companies in the insurance industry.

As shared by Franz Joie D. Araque, Executive Vice President and Chief of Healthcare, Cocolife was among the very first insurance providers who responded to the pandemic by explicitly defining its coverage for COVID-19 and related cases.

“Despite being part of the policy exclusions, the company took the initiative to cover these cases for humanitarian reasons, thus reassuring our partners and reaffirming our commitment,” Mr. Araque said.

“At this time of another economic uncertainty and most companies floundering, especially those small and medium enterprises, due to the significant impact of the pandemic on their businesses, Cocolife extended full support to all our business partners in making sure that their healthcare benefit program will remain comprehensive, responsive to their needs, and sustainable,” Mr. Araque continued.

The head of Cocolife Healthcare also shared that they have beefed up their offsite capabilities and communication technologies during the pandemic. This has allowed the healthcare provider’s Medical Services and Helpline departments to assist members with all their healthcare needs 24/7 nationwide.

“We made sure that our Customer Care team is available and strategically deployed not only in Metro Manila facilities but also in the key cities nationwide,” Mr. Araque added.

To further provide quality service that its partners can depend on, Cocolife Healthcare has instituted measures and procedures to ensure that all its members receive prompt, suitable, and efficient medical attention from the company’s affiliated medical providers.

As it prioritizes providing personalized customer care, Cocolife Healthcare ensures it adequately complies with the set Service Level Agreements in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“In ensuring access to healthcare services, Cocolife is continuously growing its network of affiliated providers. To date, we have more than 700 affiliated hospitals, more than 1,200 clinics nationwide including mall-based clinics, more than 50,000 specialized doctors, and more than 1,500 dental clinics,” Mr. Araque added.

Coupling the ease of availing services from Cocolife Healthcare are its products that are specifically intended to meet what employers look for in a healthcare program. “Cocolife offers highly customized program designs fitted to the needs and requirements of our partners,” Mr. Araque said.

Moreover, as Cocolife has worked towards digitalizing its business in the past two years, Cocolife Healthcare looks forward to serving its partners better with the launch of the Cocolife mobile app, which will have very useful self-help tools like the virtual card and provider locator, as well as the expansion of its telemedicine services.

Learn more about Cocolife Healthcare’s line of products by visiting cocolife.com/products/healthcare/ or by calling (02) 8396-9000/(02) 8812-9090 or emailing helpline@cocolife.com.


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