President Marcos is shown addressing PSC Chairman Noli Eala on the importance of proper nutrition for the national athletes during their meeting in Malacañang last week.

AMONG the immediate priorities of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) under chairman Noli Eala is to boost and enhance the nutrition program for the national athletes.

No less than President Marcos cited the importance of proper nutrition, which helps guarantee a sound mind and sound body for the athletes, when he met the PSC chairman in Malacañang last week.

Mr. Eala, in his second month at the helm of Philippine sports, received the instruction from the President during the courtesy call of Olympian and world No. 3 pole vaulter Ernest John Obiena on the President.

Proper nutrition is vital for the national athletes, especially the elite ones who are vying in major international competitions like the SEA Games, Asian Games, World Championships, and the Olympics.

Through the years, the PSC has provided the athletes with all the support, including the proper food and vitamins based on the needs of a particular athlete in a particular sport.

But Mr. Eala felt that Mr. Marcos wants the PSC to do an even better job on this aspect as the country continues to seek glory in the field of sports, particularly in the 2024 Paris Olympics. “That’s what we will do,” said Mr. Eala.

In 2021, the PSC, through the Sports Nutrition Unit (SNU), started providing nutritional meals for the athletes during their bubble training at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex and PhilSports Complex.

At present, the PSC provides meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as morning and afternoon snacks to different national teams. PSC nutritionists also provide and design specific meal plans for the athletes to ensure that they get optimal nutrition for their training and help them become competition-ready.

In 2019 alone, 34,278 meals were served at the renovated nutrition halls at Rizal Memorial Sports Complex and Philsports Complex in Pasig to athletes and coaches in the national pool.