Maynilad Water Services, Inc. has completed the replacement of 116 kilometers of old pipelines in different areas of Quezon City through investments that reached P347 million, the company said on Wednesday, July 18.
“We are sustaining infrastructure enhancements so that we can recover more supply and improve water pressure for existing customers, even as we connect more areas to our network,” said ” said Ramoncito S. Fernandez, Maynilad president and chief executive officer, in a statement.
Replacing the old secondary and tertiary pipelines in this area allowed the firm to recover some 4 million liters of water per day (MLD) that was lost due to leaks. “This recovered water is enough to supply the water needs of about 4,000 customers,” the firm said.
The project is also expected to improve water pressure from an average of seven pounds per square inch (psi) to as much as 16 psi for more than 25,000 households in the area. Maynilad said at 16 psi, water supply can reach the third floor of a house or establishment without the aid of a pump.