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Philippines places 51st in digital skills gap ranking

This infographic shows the results of the inaugural Digital Skills Gap Index (DSGI) 2021 by multinational publishing company Wiley which identifies and evaluates the factors that underpin the pillars of digital strength, resilience, and responsiveness. The index — scored from 0 (biggest digital skills gap) to 10 (smallest digital skills gap) — evaluates 134 economies based on six pillars* derived from global indicators which reflect how advanced and prepared an economy is with digital skills it needs for sustained growth, recovery, and prosperity. Among the 19 East Asia and Pacific economies, the Philippines ranks 12th (51st overall), only ahead of its Southeast Asian peers Vietnam (53rd overall), Thailand (78th), Myanmar (115th), and Cambodia (117th). Singapore, meanwhile, leads the global and regional rankings with a score of 7.8.

Philippines places 51<sup>st</sup> in digital skills gap ranking