By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino
Special Feature Writer

ARANETA CITY (ACI, Inc.) topped off the expansion of its Gateway Mall in Quezon City, which is expected to be operational by the last quarter of the year.

“It is the much-awaited expansion of the multi-awarded Gateway Mall opened in 2004. This is Araneta City’s greatest offering in providing an urban lifestyle destination,” ACI Management Consultant Rowell L. Recinto said during the topping-off ceremony on Feb. 11.

The expansion, called New Gateway, will feature shopping, dining, entertainment, and amenities areas, carefully designed to offer a modern and contemporary experience, Mr. Recinto said.

The 190,000-square-meter (sq.m.) mall will have eight floors that will house over 400 shops, more than 100 food establishments, 18 cinemas and a 3,700-sq.m. supermarket.

“Our shopping fare starts with the essentials and range up to high fashion with casual and activewear in between to suit the different market segments. Dining options will cater to families and friends looking for quick bites, family fare, traditional comfort food, concept restaurants, regional cuisine, and bars and lounges,” Mr. Recinto said.

Located on top of the building is a 500-seat, air-conditioned chapel that will be open to the public. A 700-square meter atrium will be also available for events.

To give guests more leisure activities, the New Gateway will also have a museum, the Gateway Gallery; an open-air Topiary Park; an air-conditioned Oasis floating park; and gardens.

“The New Gateway will offer breadth and depth of choices for fashion, dining, entertainment, night life, leisure and wellness, and gadgets and gaming,” Mr. Recinto said. “It is a mall for people on the rise; essentially, for people on the go; and, basically, just for people.”

Skybridges and footpaths will connect the New Gateway to the other areas of the “super block” Gateway Square, which includes Smart Araneta Coliseum, Novotel Manila, Gateway Tower, Parking Garage South Building, and the soon-to-open Ibis Styles Hotel.

Mr. Recinto said that mall visitors will not find parking to be a problem since a total of 3,000 parking slots will be available at the Gateway Square.

The New Gateway, according to Mr. Recinto, brings a lot of elements to the ongoing development in the Araneta City. More projects are already in the pipeline as redevelopment in the city continues, he added.

The Araneta City is conveniently accessible from Epifanio de los Santos Ave. (EDSA), Aurora Blvd. and P. Tuazon Blvd. in Quezon City, and the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 and Light Rail Transit Line 2. It also serves as a hub for different transport systems such as jeepney, utility vehicles (UV) express, provincial buses, and airport shuttle services.