SUMMER MEANS that the sun is out, and if it is, well, so should you. Sub-Zero and Wolf give you more reasons to be out in the sun for this season with its new outdoor kitchen suite, consisting of a refrigerator, an outdoor grill, and a warming drawer. Barbeque parties might never be the same again.

The grill was presented via a sunset barbeque party with chef Tony Boy Escalante, the man behind Tagaytay’s famous Antonio’s and Balay Dako. Using the tools given him, Mr. Escalante prepared Watermelon Feta Arugula Salad, Risoni Salad, Grilled beef slides with caramelized onions and gruyere, leg of lamb, smoked pork ribs, and grilled cinnamon pineapples.

The Sub-Zero outdoor fridge drawers have been engineered to take on ambient temperatures of up to 43° Celsius. It is clad in heavy-gauge stainless steel that withstands UV rays, salt, and moisture, elements that would corrode lesser quality materials. This unit is efficiently sealed to lock in cold air, ensuring maximum freshness for food stored inside. It was built to create an ideal low-temperature, high-humidity environment that’s key to optimum preservation. This is available in a 24-inch width.

An example given by Deneb Plazuela, brand manager for Sub-Zero and Wolf, about a key feature of this fridge drawer is that this one does not sweat while placed outside — unlike you, or other refrigeration units.

As for the grill, it heats up from direct heat from powerful gas burners that are evenly absorbed by a layer of ceramic briquettes that then distribute uniform heat to the top surface. It also has individually contained grill burners that give you the freedom to work with varying temperature zones, so you can crank up the heat while grilling burgers, and carefully brown buns on a more medium setting — all at the same time. Even better, models at 36-inches and wider have a dedicated infrared sear zone. It also comes with a rotisserie system powered by an infrared burner, so you can rotate a whole chicken or even a leg of lamb without a hitch. This is one of the features that Mr. Escalante likes, saying that with the infrared burner, he can do anything, even braise or stew while the action happens in the grill.

Sub-Zero and Wolf 2
Wolf’s 42-inch Freestanding Outdoor Grill with side burner and cart.

The grill can cost up to six digits, and if you can afford that, then you can definitely afford help. However, Stephen Sy, president of Focus Global, Inc. (which distributes the products) argued that maybe inside the house one trusts the help to putter around the kitchen, but it’s a different case in less formal settings outdoors.

“For the outdoors, you’d want to do it yourself,” he said. Even the guests can dive in and help.

Also, little known fact, but HRH Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh likes to slap sausages and steak on a grill by himself when he and his family (who just so happen to be royal) take their summer holidays.

“Most of our clients already have a beautiful outdoor space, so the outdoor kitchen really brings out the aesthetics of the place, and also the functionality of the [space],” said Ms. Plazuela.

As for Mr. Escalante, he liked the camaraderie fostered by being outside. There, he says, he can talk to his guests, not be stuck inside the kitchen, and he can even get some help, when the guests want to grill their own food. “Everybody gets involved.”

Sub-Zero and Wolf showrooms can be found in The Residences at Greenbelt, Twenty-Four Secen McKinley, Pioneer cor. Reliance Sts. in Mandaluyong City, and The Design Center of Cebu. — JLG