THE PHILIPPINES is expected to postbroiler chicken production of 1.53 million metric tons (MT) in 2024, boosted by the industry’s continued expansion, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said.

The forecast, issued by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), suggests a production growth rate of 3.4%.

“FAS forecasts increased chicken production in 2024 because integrators are expanding production,” it said.

“In the broiler commercial sector, the usual growth for the poultry sector is 3% to 7% a year. The 3.4% expected production growth in 2024 is at the low end of that range,” the FAS added.

It also forecast higher chicken meat imports for next year due to higher-than-expected demand and competitive prices compared to domestic production.

Imports of chicken meat rose 18.3% to 289.52 million kilograms (kg) in the first eight months. This accounted for 35.4% of all meat imports in the period, according to the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Beef output is expected to rise slightly to 190,000 MT as some hog and small ruminant farmers are shifting to cattle raising.

“The trendline of total beef and carabeef production shows it is increasing over time. Inventory is declining, which means cattle and carabao are being sold as meat,” the FAS said.

It noted a slight uptick in the number of cattle and carabao slaughtered.

Beef consumption is likewise expected to rise slightly in 2024, while shipments are expected to be flat due to the low demand for imported beef.

Shipments of beef fell 16.78% to 91.65 million kg in the first eight months.

Meanwhile, the FAS said that pork production is set to increase to 970,000 MT in 2024 due to the repopulation efforts of hog farmers after African Swine Fever hit the industry.

“Industry contacts say that the current rate of growth is slow relative to the losses,” it added.

Due to tight global supply, pork imports are expected to drop to 500,000 MT. During the eight months, pork imports slipped 12.7% to 59.13 million kg. — Adrian H. Halili