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Record 207 environmental activists killed last year

Paris, France -- More than 200 environmental activists were murdered last year as government-sponsored killings linked to lucrative projects by vast agriculture multinationals soared,...

Philippines among top countries producing multimillionaires

The Philippines is the third country in the world that is fast producing individuals worth at least $5 million (P266 million). ALSO READ: Asia’s newest...

Philippines ‘below average’ in regional innovation ranking

THE PHILIPPINES’ rank in terms of innovation was unchanged from a year ago, despite “high scores” in business environment, education and information and communications technology (ICT), according to an annual report of the Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

PHL competitiveness falls most in Asia

By Elijah Joseph C. Tubayan Reporter NOTWITHSTANDING relatively robust growth so far, the Philippine economy’s competitiveness ranking suffered the biggest drop in Asia over snags in...

Philippines ‘best country to invest in’ — report

The Philippines was named the top investment destination by a global research firm, noting that its young population will attract more firms looking for...

The Philippines ranks second in Asia in terms of fulfilling relationships

Christine Joyce S. Castañeda, Senior Researcher The Philippines was in the top three of nine countries in terms of meeting needs and expectations in their...

Philippines slips in human capital ranking

THE PHILIPPINES has remained among East Asia and the Pacific’s top 10 economies in terms of human resource development, according to an annual report...

How the Philippines ranks in quality of living

Mercer ranks 230 of the world's destinations according to living conditions for multinational companies and their employees. See how the Philippines ranks. 

How the Philippines ranks in the Social Progress Index

This infographic shows the ratings of Southeast Asian countries in Deloitte's Social Progress Index. 

How the Philippines ranks in Corruption Perceptions Index

Read the full story.

Philippines is 33rd best country to live in – report

PHL places 33rd in ranking of best countries THE PHILIPPINES is the 33rd best country to live in, according to a ranking on 60 countries...