THE PEOPLE’s Republic of Bangladesh has opened a consulate in Davao City with an aim of strengthening ties with the Philippines and cooperation with Mindanao’s agriculture and business processing sectors. “Both for Bangladesh and the Philippines, the bulk of population are young, most of our (overseas workers) work in the Middle East side by side, and we both suffer from poverty, climate vulnerability, and terrorism. Therefore exchanging experiences and best practices between our two countries could be the best example of South-South cooperation,” said Ambassador Asad Alam Siam during the official installation of Honorary Consul General Joji Ilagan-Bian. Mr. Siam said they are particularly interested in learning from Mindanao’s rental farming and deep sea fishing, and the BPO sector, as well as the export of their medicine and garments. For her part, Ms. Bian, former chair of the Mindanao Business Council, said, “Though we are geographically far apart, we are much closer in other aspects than one might assume. This gives me the confidence to take on the important duties bestowed upon me today.” — Maya M. Padillo