DITO Telecommunity Corp. has signed a data protection contract with a Singapore-based consultancy firm to help it comply with the government’s operational requirements.

Consultancy firm Straits Interactive said in a statement that it signed on Tuesday a Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) contract with DITO along with IT firm Advanced Information Solutions and Concepts, Inc.

DPaaS is a bundle of data protection services that will allow DITO to set up its data protection management program, Straits Interactive said. These services include its data protection platform software DPOinBOX and will also come with advisory support and training for DITO’s staff responsible for data protection.

“These three services will help move the organization towards operational compliance with data protection requirements in the Philippines,” Straits Interactive said.

“We are excited to be part of DITO Telecommunity’s journey towards data protection excellence and believe that the firm’s bold move in ensuring that they stay on top of data protection as part of their commitment towards their customers is truly commendable,” Straits Interactive CEO Kevin Shepherdson said.

The firm added that this will likewise help DITO protect its customers against data breaches, which have become more prevalent in an increasingly digitalized environment.

“Filipinos have come to rely on dependable connectivity as a result of the pandemic. And this, of course, has highlighted digital risks that need to be monitored closely,” DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel A. Tamano was quoted as saying.

“By implementing DPaaS, DITO will have additional support in our data protection efforts for our customers. The service provides us with the ability to monitor and take action on data protection risks expeditiously as well as train new and existing staff in data protection matters,” Mr. Tamano said.