AMA Online Education launches learn now, pay later program

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AMA Online Education (AMA OEd), the country’s first full online educational platform, launched a program last week for students and professionals looking to continue learning through the enhanced community quarantine brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With AMA OEd’s “Learn Online Now, Pay Later” scheme, students and professionals get access to a variety of programs and short courses offered by AMA OEd without having to pay any tuition fee until April 15, 2020.

Even with the enhanced community quarantine in place until April 14, 2020, students can now enroll in AMA OEd for Senior High School, Undergraduate, and Master’s programs. Professionals who are looking for continuous professional development (CPD), can also take short courses on the platform that are accredited to give them the CPD points they need for professional license renewals.

“This Learn Online Now, Pay Later Program is our own way of ensuring that learning never stops,” said Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, Vice-Chairman and CEO of AMA Education System. “As we stay indoors for the time being, we wish to empower students and professionals with more knowledge through the various courses offered on our platform, which they can take at their own pace from home and online.”

Those interested in availing of this program can log on to the AMA OEd Website and do the following steps:

  • Step 1: Choose any program from Senior High School, Undergraduate, Master’s, or short courses. CPD enrollees can enroll up to a maximum of three short courses.
  • Step 2: For Senior High School, Undergraduate, and Master’s programs, applicants will be required to submit a scanned copy of their transcript of records from their previous school. For Master’s applicants, an endorsement email from an immediate professional supervisor with contact details is needed.
  • Step 3: Once enrollment is confirmed, you can start studying through AMA OEd’s platform.

Access is then free until April 15, 2020. To continue studying after that date and to get certificates for the programs and courses enrolled in, students will need to pay the assessed tuition fee.